Level 10 Buildings Guide

How to build Level 10 buildings:
There are two ways to get a Level 10 building. Here they are:
  • Way #1: Use Tapjoy to earn Mithril to buy a Hobbit Building Crew to level up a building (Sign up for Tapjoy here). Tapjoy is a free service that allows you to download and install apps on Androids and iDevices to earn "Mithril" in-game. Message me (bornlambo) if you run into problems. You will need 100 Mithril to buy a Hobbit Building Crew. To buy one, assuming you have at least 100 Mithril, click on the "Items" button on the bottom bar. The symbol is a knapsack (or backpack or rucksack, whatever you call it). The Hobbit Building Crew should be the second item down. Just click the big green "Buy" button to the right of it if you do have 100 or more Mithril.
  • Way #2: I do not advise going this route unless you have the money. This way you will need to use real-life money to buy Mithril to buy the Hobbit Building Crew. I advise you to only buy the 100 Mithril for $9.99 USD. If you feel like spending a lot of money, I would suggest buying 375 Mithril for $29.99 USD and 100 Mithril for $9.99 USD. With this, you can buy the "Hobbit Special Delivery" chest. This chest gives you 5 Hovvit Building Crews for the price of 4. It is a good deal, but you need to pay $40 USD to get it. To find the chest, first click on the "Items" button on the bottom bar. Then, click the "Chest" tab on top. Make sure you are still under the big "Shop" tab and not the "My Items" tab. Scroll down until you see the "Hobbit Special Delivery" chest. It should be the 9th from the top and 3rd from the bottom. If you have 400 Mithril or more, click the big green "Buy" button to the right of it.

What to build and in what order:

This list will tell you what buildings you should level up to level 10:
  • First things first, upgrade your Academy to Level 10. This enables you to research everything to Level 10, almost all of which will help you. So it is recommended that you immediately begin researching. Some of them, such as Siege Weapons, will require other Level 10 buildings. I will mention those in the rest of the list.
  • Second, upgrade the Armory to Level 10. This unlocks Level 10 Siege Weapons assuming you upgraded to a Level 10 Academy. Siege Weapons shortens training time and is very helpful in quick might gaining and training.
  • Third, is Level 10 Arboretum. This unlocks Level 10 Arbors, which unlocks Level 10 Engineering, which will reduce all of your Level 10 building times. This will help immensely. These are both researches so you can also build a building (such as Level 10 Keep, and then Level 10 City Wall) while researching, as researching takes a very, very long time.
  • Fourth, is a Level 10 Barracks, you only need one, but, you should build more. If it is hard for you to come by Mithril and Hobbit Building Crews, then only build one. It is advised to build this while you are researching items from the previous steps. Building at least one will unlock Level 10 Honed Blades. This will increase your troops attack by 5% on top of the other 45%, so you will have an attack strength of: (Base attack) + .45(Base attack) = Total Attack Strength. This is an obvious advantage.
  • Fifth, is Level 10 Cartography. This can be done while building a following Level 10 building (such as Level 10 Keep, and then Level 10 City Wall). This will increase your foot troop's marching speed, an obvious advantage.
  • Sixth, is Level 10 Saddlebags. I would recommend Level 10 Vigor first, but that requires Level 10 Saddlebags. So research Saddlebags, and then Vigor. Saddlebags will increase your troop's carrying capacity, or load.
  • Seventh, is Level 10 Farm and Level 10 Metal Alloys. The Level 10 Farm will unlock Level 10 Stables. To research Level 10 Metal Alloys, you will first need to upgrade to a Level 10 Forge, which requires a Level 10 Ore Vein, as well as Level 10 Smelting. The building can be done while researching other things as well. After getting Level 10 Stables and Metal Alloys, research Level 10 Horseshoes. This will speed up marching time of all mounted troops.
  • Eighth, is Level 10 Tavern. This is not too terribly important unless your 2 cities (you should have both by now) are very far apart or you are very far away from members of the alliance. If this is the case, you should build this while researching something previous.
  • Ninth, is Level 10 Muster Field. This will allow you to send up to 100,000 troops in one march. It will also allow you to send up to 10 marches at a time.
  • Tenth, is Level 10 Keep. If you have already upgraded this while researching something previous, then good for you, move to the next step and collect $200 (just kidding, I don't give out money :D). If you have not, then build this and research something else.
  • Eleventh, is Level 10 Quarry. This unlocks the Level 10 City Wall The only thing this does is upgrade your Defense Rating. This makes it harder for enemy troops to invade your town and take Gold. The higher the Defense Rating, the more troops it takes to break through the wall. This is usually less important than the Level 10 Keep.
  • Twelfth, is Level 10 Great Hall. This will allow you to get a Hero to max level (Level 212). This can be very helpful in building, training, defense, resource production, researching, and attacking.
  • Thirteenth, is Level 10 Watch Tower. This will allow you to see all of the available information about an incoming attack. Troop number, knight, knight level, time of arrival, type of troop, research level. I do not know exactly what will be shown because I have never gotten a Level 10 Watch Tower. I will update when I do.
  • Fourteenth, is anything else. First finish building Level 10 Barracks. Then, build all Level 10 Cottages. Also, finish all Level 10 researches. Then, if you still make your own resources, upgrade all Level 10 Farms, Arboretums, Quarries, and Ore Veins. Then, if you still have your Vault, upgrade it to a Level 10 Vault.
You should now be done upgrading and researching all Level 10 items. Congratulations! You're a rock star.